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E-Revo VXL 1/16 2.4GHZ TQ m. TSM
E-Revo VXL 1/16 2.4GHZ TQ m. TSM
DKK 3.195,00 
DKK 2.995,00 
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EV Peak A9 Lader 25A
EV Peak A9 Lader 25A
DKK 1.699,00 

Vortex 150 Pro BNF Basic By Blade

Varenr.: BLH9550

Key Features

Fully assembled and ready-to-race
Industry leading Spektrum™ 2.4 GHz DSMX® technology
ImmersionRC “Synergy” F3 Fusion 32-bit flight control system w/ 8kHz loop times
Durable airframe with 2mm carbon-fiber motor arms
Future-proof BetaFlight flight controller firmware (pre-loaded)
Full graphic heads-up display with complete on-screen control and telemetry
Eight 24-bit RGB LEDs and super-loud lost model alarm (installed)
FatShark 600TVL CCD (HS1177 sensor + chipset)
Integrated “Tramp” video TX with Touch-N-Race technology and Dynamic Power Control
DSMX® video transmitter control w/ “Pit Stick” control mode

The Blade® brand and ImmersionRC have teamed up to deliver the cutting-edge Vortex 150 FPV racer with Spektrum™ technology. It’s fully integrated, tuned and equipped so you can be competitive in a matter of minutes. Race-seasoned pilots can take advantage of a custom power system, cutting-edge 32-bit processing power and full-graphic jet fighter inspired OSD. Plus, there’s a programmable LED system you can customize to flash at the competition. Perfect for smaller courses or exploring the backyard or abandoned building, it’s durable and fun to fly.

Fully Integrated
Fully integrated into this machine is the flight controller, full-graphic OSD, and 40-channel video transmitter. Loose wiring in the Vortex 250 Pro is virtually nonexistent for a professional look that’s easy to maintain.

Seven 32-Bit ARM Processors
Not many mini-quads out there like the Vortex 150 racer can claim the cutting edge support of seven, fully integrated 32-bit ARM processors. There’s a dedicated ARM for the flight controller, another for the full-graphic OSD, another just for the programmable LED board at the back of the quad and one ARM for each of the four custom high performance ESCs.

Tough Construction
Built to survive attempts at cutting down virtually anything in its path, the Vortex 150 is built to take a hit and keep on ticking!

Fusion F3 with BetaFlight
The highly integrated Fusion F3 flight controller is equipped with BetaFlight firmware pre-loaded, 32-bit processor, and 8kHz loop times for an out-of the- box control feel that seems almost intuitive. Plus, the software is future-proof with supporting updates easily uploaded via the robust USB port through-hole

Dynamic Power Control
The Dynamic Power Control function of the video transmitter lowers power automatically when the Vortex 150 is disarmed or ready for a race to start so that interference from other racers on the line is minimized.

Integrated Leading-edge 5.8GHz Video Tx
The fully integrated ‘Tramp’ video transmitter has all the bells and whistles. Support for all standard FPV channels and power levels from sub-1mW to >600mW. Dynamic Power Control, introduced with the Vortex 250 Pro, is taken to a new level, pre-take-off power level may be dropped to sub-1mW while waiting on the starting grid, saving precious battery power, and keeping temperatures low. After a crash landing the power level is dropped to a minimum to preserve battery life during the search and to help with localization using a directional antenna.

Integrated Touch-n-Race
A TNR (NFC) antenna integrated into the side of the quad provides full support for the ImmersionRC Personal and Race Director’s wand. The latter enables additional channels for events with special spectrum use permissions. Set your video transmitter frequency and power without touching the quad, greatly simplifying casual and race channel setup. No fiddly dip switches, no push-buttons and key-press sequences to remember and no guesswork.

PitStick Mode for Simple Channel Changing
When placed in this mode, the Vortex 150 Mini will power up with the video transmitter disabled, and will only start transmitting when instructed to by a the R/C transmitter. The right stick is used to select channels 1..8 using the extremes of stick movement. Up for CH1, Up-Right for CH2, etc.

DSMX® Video Transmitter Control
Another first in the FPV world, Horizon Hobby has teamed up with ImmersionRC to integrate video transmitter control into certain Spektrum® radios. Quads using this feature power up safely in pit-mode, and after finding a free channel on the video goggles, the menu on the Spektrum radio may be used to select frequency band, channel, and power level.

The preloaded firmware has been ProTuned to make this quad fly like its on rails. You can explore other ProTune uploads and try out what some of the biggest names in FPV quad racing have shared so that the Vortex 150 Pro can fit your exact performance needs.

Bright LEDs and Lost Model Alarm
A set of eight 24-bit RGB LEDs is protected between the upper and lower frames on the tail end. Through a dedicated 32-bit ARM processor, users can program a favorite color, brake lights, turn indicators or just about anything your imagination can conjure.

Find it, Fast!
Integrated into the Vortex 150 is a lost model beeper that’s loud enough to be coined “ear piercing.” So if you ever cut loose, the ease of finding your Vortex 150 will help you get back into the game fast.

Custom V-Spec Motors
The custom high-speed V-Spec 1306-3100kv brushless outrunner motors feature a high-speed rating and spin 3"propellers for the punch to accelerate quickly and conquer the most demanding race courses.

Full Graphic Display with EzOSD
The full-graphic On Screen Display (OSD) on-board provides in-flight updates of critical parameters. The EzOSD menu allows all options to be programmed in the field using the RC transmitter and a headset or monitor. Several OSD layouts are included. A real-time interface with the flight controller enables artificial horizons, fighter-jet style displays and an exchange of flight parameters. All OSD layouts include screen-center alerts for critical warnings such as battery voltage, EzUHF Link Critical and more.

Bind-N-Fly® Completion
Now it’s possible to start enjoying high-performance racing virtually the moment you open the box. Just charge the battery, bind the model to your Spektrum™ DSMX® technology compatible transmitter and fly.

Product Specifications

Type:    Quadcopter
Gross Weight:    <250g with battery
Motor Size:    Custom V-Spec 1306-3100Kv
Experience Level:    Intermediate
Recommended Environment:    Outdoor
Is Assembly Required:    No

Needed To Complete

What''s in the box?

A full-range 5+ channel, multi-function transmitter with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSMX® technology
Fat Shark 5.8GHz compatible FPV headset and/or FPV monitor
3S-4S 500mAh (recommended) or 800mAh (capable) Li-Po Flight Battery
Suitable Li-Po battery charger

DKK 2.400,00 


Vortex 150 Pro BNF Basic By Blade




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Hvilken fjernstyrede bil skal du vælge?

Når man som førstegangskøber skal beslutte sig for, hvilken type fjernstyret bil, man skal vælge, er den første beslutning altid om det skal være en fjernstyret elektrobil, nitrobil eller benzinbil, man skal købe. Alle 3 typer har fordele og ulemper, og du skal vælge den type, som passer bedst til dit behov - ønske efter udseende og muligheder for hvor du kan og vil køre med bilen. Især skal du afgøre, om du ønsker en næsten lydløs elektrobil med mindre vedligholdelse, en nitrobil eller en stor, brutal fjernstyret benzinbil.

Alle de 3 muligheder har tilfælles, at de er rigtig sjove. Det kræver dog, at du køber den korrekte bil og har afgjort med dig selv, om det nu skal være elektro- eller brændstofbil. Fjernstyede brændstofbiler kræver mere vedligeholdelse og rengøring, efterspænding af skruer og rengøring af luftfiltre, hvor fjernstyrede elektrobiler bliver endnu sjovere, når man enten har en lynlader og/eller flere batteripakker, så din køretid ikke begrænses. Med en fjernstyret nitro- eller benzinbil skal du blot tanke op, mens en elektrobil skal lades op, inden du kan køre din næste tur.

Du skal også beslutte dig for, om det skal være en fjernstyret onroadbil, som findes som gaderacer, touringcar, eller driftbil, eller om det skal være en fjernstyret offroad bil. Onroad biler er velegnede til asfaltveje, parkeringspladser, skolegård mv., hvor offroadbiler kan også køre på grus, sand, jord, græsplæner osv.

I modelhobby-verden inddeler vi biler efter størrelser:

1:10 biler typiske længe: efter biltype mellem  32 cm - 50 cm og  bred: mellem 19 cm - 30cm

1:8   biler typiske lænde efter biltypen mellem 38 cm - 60 cm og bred: mellem 25 cm - 40 cm

1:5  biler typiske længde efter biltypen mellem 75 cm - 110 cm og bred mellem 50 cm - 80 cm

Det er især monstertrucks, som rammer de høje tal pga. deres størrelse og store dæk, hvor onroad eller buggy biler er noget mindre i deres kategori.

Du kan også købe små fjernstyrede biler i skala 1:36 eller 1:24. Disse egner sig til indendørs kørsel, som f.eks. ræs i din stue eller på kontoret. Har du meget plads til rådighed indendørs, kan du også vælge en 1:16 bil.

Vi inddeler fjernstyrede offroad biler efter 4 typer:

- Buggy
- Stadiumtruck ("truggy")
- Monstertruck
- Crawler

Derfor... er du i tvivl om disse beslutninger, så spørg os!

Vi vil gerne hjælpe dig med at træffe det korrekte valg, så du får mange gode og sjove timer med din fjernstyrede bil.

Hvilken Drone Quadcopter skal du vælge?

Holte Hobby har også specialiseret sig i Droner til begynder, medio og profi bruger.
En af vores populære mærker er DJI med Phantom, Phantom 2 og Vision + serie.

Alle DJI Phantom Droner er meget begyndervenlige og den avancerede teknologi med GPS, Kompas, Navigation er meget nemt at bruge også for den uerfarene bruger. Kom forbi eller ring til butikken for at få rådgivning vedr. DJI Phantom Droner. Vi fører altid DJI Phantom 1 og DJI Phantom 2 samt Vision + og FC40 droner samt alt tilbehør.


Vi står til din rådighed!

Mvh. Holte Modelhobby

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